How to leverage the
Struggle of immigration

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The Woman Immigrant

I´d like to talk about this topic from the perspective of a male Immigrant, a husband and father. I think that female Immigrants live the immigration process a little differently than men do. Before I begin, I want to clarify that the following thoughts come from a...

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The Immigrant’s Perception

We are going deep in this article. I am excited, because if I succeed in sharing what I have come to understand about this topic, it may save you years of painful, useless and dangerous stagnation in your growth as an Immigrant, allowing you to take off towards your...

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The Immigrant’s kids…

When I immigrated to Canada, I had only been married for 10 months: in fact, my wife Daniela was not included on the original application submitted more than 3 years earlier, so when I got married, I had to communicate the change in my marital status so the...

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