I arrived in North America, Canada to be precise, as an immigrant in February 2001, with the hope of turning my life around. I soon realized that this was not easy. I found myself struggling, trying to adapt to the new language and especially to the new culture.

It took me awhile to understand that the decision to immigrate, which at first had seemed fueled by frustration, anger, and desperation, was actually the most powerful choice I had ever made! It almost seemed like someone else had made that decision for me; it was not a calculated decision, not done with my head, but I could definitely feel the way to go.

When I stopped looking at immigration as an act of desperation, I realized what this act of courage could do for me and my family. Suddenly the negative side of being an immigrant dissolved and everything about being an immigrant was just good.

I started a business that grew along with me; my behavior was changing because the perception that I had of the circumstances started to change. One day, when sitting in my backyard looking back on the day when I landed in Toronto, I realized that I could not even recognize myself anymore; I had to find out why and how immigrating had changed me, and understanding this became my secret passion.

Later on, when the pleasure from the continuous growth of my business began to change into feelings of incompleteness, and my built-in sensitivity towards newcomers became more obvious, I felt guided to share my enthusiasm about the power contained in the “Act of Immigrating” with other people who were also changing countries.

I soon decided to work much closer with newcomers, and along with other projects, I decided to start blogging with this “Empower Immigrants” site!

As an immigration advisor, I want to share my ideas and the experiences of many other successful (and not so successful) immigrants with those who can gain benefit from them, with the intention of reducing the confusion and struggle of newcomers, and mainly to inspire them to achieve greatness through using the power of the immigration experience.

Empower Immigrants is a platform created to assist current and future immigrants with their transition to their new country. I want to help uplift the immigration experience through positive thinking, embracing the struggle and leveraging the beauty of a new start in a new environment, which is why I work as your online immigration consultant.

Feel free to contact me, whenever you need assistance!