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Responsibility, the quality of the Successful Immigrant!

  I am in the mood for coining a phrase, so here it is: “Responsibility is a quality that, when it is present in one´s life, becomes the strongest foundation on which all good can be built!” Living without a sense of responsibility is like walking through life...

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The Knowing/Doing Wall of the Immigrant.

The famous quote by Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher, “Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it…” fits the message in this article. My simple cabinetmaker’s mind perceives from this quote that I can only access the treasure (knowledge) if I use...

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Starting a Business as an Immigrant

In the previous article, I shared my thoughts about how immigrating gives, as a default, the potential empowerment to anybody that has, secretly or not, the desire to start a new business. I mentioned how some people immigrate with the hidden desire to become...

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Immigration and Entrepreneurship.

I strongly believe that inspired immigrants, the ones that have “felt the call”, have everything they need to succeed if they decide to start their own business, independently of what they were or are doing in their native country. Yes, I know I am putting a smile on...

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The Immigrant’s Spouse

Here are some samples of the complaints that I hear over and over again (and there are new ones coming out every day): “I am trying to convince her that this is the best place to be, but she is so negative!” “It is impossible to make it here with him whining about...

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Are you using your culture or being used by it?

How can we use our culture to grow as immigrants instead of being penalized by it? Appreciating and leveraging what we bring with us in our cultural luggage can only happen if we don’t attach our “being” to it. I will give the following example in general terms, so...

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